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Use FIND Cell to track your steps in the lab, organize your cell manipulation activities and collaborate with colleagues.

Store and find high-accuracy cell line information for years to come. FIND Cell is tested and optimized by cell biologists just like you, who are working with cancer cell lines, stem cells, organoids, or primary cultures on a daily basis.

FIND Cell streamlines the digitization of cell culture processes for all.

Nature Biotech manuscript

Read the scientific rationale for why cell lineage tracking is key for reproducibility.

We describe the genetic impact of cell culture protocols and media choices on the evolution of cell lines.

FIND Cell helps to alleviate the pressure on scientists of tracking these daily steps.

Create an account, check out the tutorial movie and experience FIND Cell’s benefits.

Our contribution to impact

Cell lines are at the heart of biomedical discovery. But did you know that for decades the majority of cell models used in research are of European decent?

In our Commentary in Cell we discuss the importance of considering and reporting the ancestral origin of the cell lines used in research. In our Commentary we provide simple action steps to shift this paradigm.

Be part of the change and contribute to inclusive preclinical research.

Cell manuscript - FIND Cell

FIND Cell is tested and optimized in collaboration with cell biologists working at

Do you spend too much time on…

  • Searching for cell lines in the freezer?
  • Searching for cell line information from people who left your lab?
  • Wondering who is culturing which cell line in the lab?
  • Worrying about Mycoplasma contamination?
  • Worrying that you publish with an incorrect cell line?

Take FIND Cell for a spin, and discover how we can make your cell culture workflow easier, more accurate and (honestly) more fun!

Organize Your Cell Culture

FIND Cell supports daily cell culture procedures for individual scientists and for collaborative environments. 

Easy linking between FIND Cell and ELNs or LIMS allows streamlined integration in existing workflows. 

Risk Management

Track when you tested for Mycoplasma or performed cell line authentication.

Found an issue? Quickly identify which experiments can be rescued and which colleague(s) to inform.

Genetic Cell Line Validations

FIND Cell offers a one-stop-shop for authenticating your cell lines with the specialized NGS plug-in.

Upload your cell line FASTQ files; we authenticate the cell line and/or determine genetic stability for you.

Created for Individuals and Research Teams

PhD Students
Postdoctoral Researchers
Laboratory Technicians
Research Associates
Principal Investigators

Explore how FIND Cell can support your lab! 

FIND Cell is a revolutionary technology that is critical for any lab conducting a lot of cell work.

It will change the way the next generation of scientists approach cell culture work.
Phillip Thomas PhD
Postdoctoral Researcher

Dani Keahi
It feels long overdue to have something as user-friendly and accessible to keep track of cell culture - the lifeblood of so many labs.

Danielle Keahi
PhD student at The Rockefeller University

Neville PhD
FIND Cell is the future of cell line identification and biomedical research. 

With both NIH grants and top journals requiring cell line verification, FIND Cell makes it easy to fulfill these reporting requirements.

In particular, I think cancer labs, where misidentification of cell lines is common, will love using it.

Neville Sanjana PhD
Assistant Professor at New York University
Core Faculty Member at the New York Genome Center

Alcida Karz
Cell lines are absolutely critical to everything we do, and yet passage-for-passage data on their upkeep is often relegated to a sharpie-scrawled paper towel.

I love that FIND Cell leverages next-gen sequencing technology for cell line authentication, but I also love that it makes good old-fashioned record-keeping elegant and simple.
Alcida Karz
MD / PhD student at the NYU School of Medicine

Akash Sookdeo
An essential tool for the bench scientist to keep track of cell lineages.

I hands down recommend FIND Cell as one stop to all your documentation, lineage tracing and collaboration needs!

Akash Sookdeo
PhD student at the New York Genome Center and New York University

FIND Cell has been incredibly useful to my cell biology research.

I have never worked with another tool that streamlines the administrative aspects of cell culture work like FIND Cell.

Erik Chow
PhD student at Cornell University

Nadeem Shaikh PhD
I find FIND Cell a useful product for managing cell lines and experiments, especially when institutes are increasingly pushing towards e-lab books.

I work in a cancer research lab which has struggled with working with cell lines that were later proven to be something different to what was advertised.

FIND Cell makes me feel more confident about my cell lines, and my experiments and provides a great record for tracing back any problems that can arise in a normal lab environment.

Nadeem Shaikh PhD
Postdoctoral researcher, London Cancer Institute
Sandy Vogt
FIND Cell is the easiest solution to keep track of all your cell lines online - from frozen stocks, to mycoplasma tests, to DNA authentication - everything is neatly organized into one user-friendly platform!

Sandy Vogt
PhD student at the NYU School of Medicine

FIND Cell just makes my life easy when it comes to organizing, storing, culturing, testing and genetically manipulating cell lines!

Plus all your work can be saved as pdf or printed if you want to work your Materials and Methods before manuscript submission, or if you just want to keep a hard copy of your work!

Maria Frias PhD
Senior Postdoctoral Associate at City University of New York (CUNY), Hunter College

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