Apply to be a cell biology consultant today! 

Next Application Deadline: April 30th, 2021

Why apply?

You get to be involved in creating a product that will revolutionize biomedical reproducibility

You get compensated

You get exposure to startup life: we know what it is to be a PhD student working long hours in the wet lab, we have been there; why not take a glimpse outside the academic doors just for a few hours? Plus “Cell Biology Consultant” will look great on your CV!

FIND Cell is built by us, for us – and we mean ALL of us!

FIND Cell is a power tool for scientists working on a wide variety of cell types (cancer cells, primary cells, stem cells, organoids and all the others), methods, and technologies. To stay current, we want your expert input.

(And yes, when you work every day with cells you are an expert!)

What to expect?

Periodically we select a small team of cell biology experts to either provide feedback on existing features and workflows, or we may ask you to beta-test brand new features!

Most sessions will be 1-on-1, some will be in groups.

We ask you for a 2-hour commitment (minimum), which equals a single Zoom session. If you are interested to be involved more extensively, please let us know!

Who can apply?


  • PhD Students, Postdocs, Research Associates, Technicians, Principal Investigators, Lab Managers
  • You are working in academia, non-profit (such as a biobank), or pharmaceutical industry
  • You are working with cell lines for at least 6 months
  • You have worked with FIND Cell and you have explored the FIND Cell tutorials
  • You are based in the USA

How to apply?

Submit a quick email application with the following components:

Email subject header:FIND Cell: by us, for us”

Email body: 

  1. Your name, your position, university/institute/company you work for, city (we currently only accept US-based scientists)
  2. A single sentence about your research (140 characters)
  3. What types of cells you work with (cancer cell lines, stem cells, organoids, other?)
  4. (Optional:) When you started using FIND Cell
  5. (Optional:) Which FIND Cell feature you like best

Attach your CV

​Send this email to:

What happens next? 

  • When you are short-listed we will send you an email to set-up a 10-min interview.
  • When you are selected for the tester team we set-up a time to get started!

*Please note: we send a reply to all applicants. We short-list candidates on a first-come first-serve basis, and based on specialization. We value all your opinions, and will try to invite all of you!

I liked this format of software testing a lot — it was fun to play with FIND Cell and ask questions/be asked questions while doing it

PhD student working on differentiation protocols of iPSCs into motor neurons to study spinal muscular atrophy

Sophie and Tyler are great!! I like thinking out loud and being able to discuss my specific use-case in real time. The whole set-up was well organized. I would participate again in a heartbeat!

PhD student working with human melanoma cells and CRISPR

I found the consultancy experience a lot of fun — and my suggestions were actually implemented! It is cool to be able to contribute to something innovating.

Postdoc working on ESCs and various human carcinogenic cell lines

You can also contribute to make a difference. Apply now!